Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Everybody is talking about the three 'disgraced' F.I.F.A. officials who are supposed to have got millions of pounds, in bribes in the 70s or whatever, and haven't been even arrested for the offence. What is the world coming to about order of precedence for news stories? When Wickiling is trying it's best t 'burn' the world in litigation,if not conflagration.

Monday, November 29, 2010

S(no)w Fun

'Forgotten old photos' see this Blogs header. At times I think I am a 'forgotten old 'photo my self'. But I am not really. Much more to the point 'me is me' and usually I require writing not an old photograph to express myself. A new photograph of me using a snow clearing 'spade' on my snow filled patio path, this afternoon would perhaps not be so cheering to me as the picture would be to others. Personally I love snow at a distance. But to touch the snow makes me shiver, very cold indeed. Till I get back indoors and have a lovely warm mug of Yorkshire tea.
Paul. The Smiling Snowman was right wasn't he?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Old Enemy.

Norwich v Ipswich 4-1. At last we have beaten 'the old enemy' at home.'; a real thrashingI felt the exhilaration of the players and the Norwich crowd. With the TV and DAB radio on the crowd's noise was very real.

Come On Norwich.

I expect you know if you are looking at the Norwich v Ipswich match, kick off 1.15P.M, on BBC1 TV, pressing the red button will give you a Radio Norfolk commentary. The Radio Norfolk 'pair' are very good.
Come on Norwich City. Best of luck.
Paul Brett.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

If Only.

I am trying not to get involved with Norwich v Ipswich yet. That match is of course tomorrow.
The BBC with their new approach to climate change , totally rubbishing any opposition; could have knocked me down with a feather.. I think there is a natural solution. This period of wet and very cold winters have been reported since the Middle Ages, with crops suffering and starvation resulting. This 'fluctuation' of the weather lasted longer than a mere change of the weather. Our wet cold winters have been much longer for a longer time than before.
If the BCC keeps on saying next Summer is going to be hot, and the weather is hot, they will have got the weather right some of the time.

Friday, November 26, 2010


My lightweight 'snow shovel' arrived at my house today from Notcutts Garden Centre. The snow shovel is good for clearing mud and leaves up to. This cost £16.95, without the delivery charge. I'm almost ready for any weather here.
Another care-worker departed; not from the firm though. ! must have had about 30 different care-workers already this year; very confusing. Her parting shot was; 'Paul some people need more help than you Paul'. I took that remark unkindly.
Can anybody tell me how to change this font please. It is a pasted copy of a word cocument?

Too Many Cows?

Don't you think these days weather forecasters sometimes go over the top? Take today's weather forecast. 'The weather presenter said The bulk of the snow will fall in the East The bulk is 2 cm. Moreover now weather forecasters can predict the trend of the climate for the next 10 years or so. When I thought they dare not even predict more than 3 months ahead. Next summer is going to be very hot according to them. Our recent spate of poor wet summers is due to natural fluctuations. of our climate. We are definitely going through a climate change warming period caused by us and the methane from cows.